04 Aug

The heart muscle itself, because of its electrical activity, creates its own electromagnetic fields. Using a special magnetometer, one can see that the heart produces its own measurable, magnetic fields – electrical and magnetic activity follow each other, just like night and day.

EMFs (electric and magnetic fields) increase the diameter of capillaries and greatly improve microcirculation, systemically and locally in the heart itself. It also helps improve cholesterol levels. In people with low blood pressure, EMFs improve heart contractions and cause more normal bioelectrical function. In most people, EMFs lower blood pressure by lowering vascular resistance.

Heart disease is the number one cause of death in the United States and Canada. The heart is a very electrically dynamic organ. Heart disease can be caused by many different factors. From vascular disease, muscle problems, valvular issues, congenital defects, pericardial problems, all as the direct or primary cause of the cardiac disease. Other non-direct problems can also affect the heart secondary to other systemic issues, including, but not limited to, hypertension, kidney disease, lung disease, autoimmune diseases, toxicities of various kinds, etc. 

Magnetic fields have been found to significantly affect heart function, as well as many other systems in the body. Another important note is that treatment of secondary causes can be just as important as the primary management of the heart itself.

PEMF can improve the heart both directly and indirectly. 

Stress is a big indicator for heart disease and can lead to many other issues throughout the body. When participating in PEMF Therapy, it can help lower your stress levels, thus eliminating the extra stress on the heart. 

Another example of this is shown in individual's who live a more sedentary lifestyle. Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy improves mobility and range of motion. PEMF therapy also reduces pain, swelling, and inflammation which may prevent you from being physically active. When you’re feeling at your best, you will be more inclined to engage in healthy activities. This will also help support the heart. 

Here at Wellness Huddle we offer PEMF Therapy for more than just the heart. We use this to alleviate pain, reduce inflammation, stimulate tissues, relive injury, reduce stress, increase relaxation, and so much more!

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Article by Melody Nofziger: Freelance Social Media Marketer

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