04 May

This month at Wellness Huddle we are focusing on SKIN!

As we enter into the summer and being exposed to the sun more often, it is important to understand what steps need to be taken in order to ensure healthy skin!

In this blog, we will be learning how to take care of your skin from the inside out!

Due to over-farming, pesticides, and over-processing, the standard American diet lacks the nutrients you need in order to keep yourself healthy. In a previous blog post, we discussed diet and things to look for when preparing meals. Unless you’re an organic farmer that grows, raises, and cooks everything you eat, whole food supplementation is a must! Without whole foods, your body lacks the essential building blocks it needs to repair and replace dead and damaged cells. Lack of those key nutrients only speeds up the aging process and increases your likelihood of skin irreparable damage.

Supplementation helps support common nutritional deficiencies. Give your body the essential building blocks it needs to stay young and healthy.

You can also help slow the effects of aging on the skin.

MediHerb Gotu Kola Complex has been shown to support rapid healing of damaged tissue and improve circulation. Standard Process Cataplex® C reduces inflammation and is critical in assembling amino acids for the formation of collagen. Standard Process RNA (ribonucleic acid) decodes the blue prints found in your DNA, regulates new cell formation, and increases skin health and vitality. Together, these three whole food supplements help support aging of the skin.

Many individuals want soft and smooth skin. 

Collagen is a building block for your skin. When your skin is rich with collagen, it’s toned, soft, and radiant. As you age, collagen production slows. This makes skin saggy, fragile, and prone to wrinkles. Using Standard Process & MediHerb supplements and herbs helps fill in the deficiencies of collagen in one's skin.


Our PEMF Therapy can also be GREAT for keeping healthy skin!

How is this possible?

When the cells and tissues absorb the electromagnetic fields from PEMF, the oxygen levels increase. The appropriate levels of oxygen are needed in order for the skin to thrive and blood vessels to deliver the right amount of blood and nutrients to the skin's first layer. Good cellular health is essential for healthy skin and a healthier you.

We have discussed many times the benefit PEMF has on inflammation  in the body. Improved blood flow leads to improved circulation. Inflammation is believed to be the cause of psoriasis. 

Once the inflammation increases, it comes through the surface of the skin, giving the plaque-like appearance. The itching can worsen, causing you to scratch making it worse. PEMF therapy can help.


Studies of PEMF therapy have shown improvement in microvascular blood passage and more rapid healing of ulcers in diabetic patients, increased skin perfusion (passage of blood) in the forearm, and improved pedal edema in cardiac patients. In one study endothelial cells, cells that line all the blood vessels, responded to PEMF with increased growth and development of new blood vessels, and it is suggested that PEMF generally improves wound healing.


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