BreastBreast Imaging with Interpretation$199.00
Health ScreeningMen's or Women's Health Screening with Interpretation$399.00

Men's or Women's Health Screening w/out Abdomen with Interpretation$349.00
Full BodyFull Body (head to toe) Screening with Interpretation$550.00
Casual Casual Region (specific area of body) with Interpretation$150.00
Thermography ConsultThermography Consult to review Interpretation Results$  35.00

Special Instructions for your imaging:

  • No breast surgery, chemotherapy or radiation treatments 3 months prior to imaging.
  • No breast biopsy for one month prior.
  • Lactation:  Imaging is recommended if there is a problem or concern.  However, a baseline is not recommended for at least 3 months after the last active breast-feeding.
  • For any Male scans, spouse or partner needs to be present for the entire scan.