ConsultationInitial Consultation, Exam & Adjustment$100.00
ConsultationInitial Consultation, Exam & Adjustment (Child)$  40.00
AdjustmentAny Spinal Adjustment$  35.00
Re-ExamRe-examination (Insurance Requirement or last seen 3 years or more)$  60.00
TherapyElectric Muscle Stimulation/Ultrasound/Infrared Heat$  15.00

Insurance - We accept Major Medical, Medicare and HSA Insurance's as a Non-Participating Provider;  we do not participate with Medicade.  All treatments are expected to be paid on day of service.  As a convenience to all of our patients, we provide the Primary Insurance Carrier with electronic data to process a claim in a timely fashion.  Please check your medical plans for their rules around Non-Participating Providers.

Auto-Accident Insurance - We are not a participating provider with any Auto-Accident Insurance carrier but can provide care to our current patients if an event arises.  All treatments must be paid at time of service and a SUPER BILL can be produced for the patient to provide to the Auto-Accident Insurance Carrier.  All reimbursements and settlements are done between the Patient and the Auto-Accident Insurance Carrier.

Worker's Compensation - We do not participate in Worker's Compensation claims.