Intro PacNew Clients Only:  Qty 3, Reserved 60 min.$99.00
10 Pac 60Qty 10, Reserved 60 min.$599.00*
10 Pac 30Qty 10, Reserved 30 min.$399.00*

Basic SubscriptionWeekly, Reserved 30 min. (charged to CC Monthly)$99.00
Super SubscriptionWeekly, Reserved 60 min. (charged to CC Monthly)$179.00
Advanced Subscription2x Weekly, Reserved 60 min. (charged to CC Monthly)$249.00

Individual 30Pay as you go..  One Reserved 30 min.$50.00
Individual 60Pay as you go..  One Reserved 60 min. $75.00
* Discounts may apply check local listings for any discounts.
Note:  All Subscription charge plans must sign a 1-year commitment agreement.  If cancellation is required, client must provide written letter 30 days prior to next scheduled monthly payment.  All subscription packages are NOT eligible for Commercial Insurance Reimbursement (check your HSA for rules and regulations).

Appointment Schedule Rule:  Scheduled times are adhered to, if late for scheduled time, that time may be deducted.  Rescheduling of appointments must be done with 24 hours advanced notice - if less than forfeiture of that visit time may be deducted from the prepaid plans.